I would like to say a special thank you to people who have been more kind and generous than I would have imagined

This is a space to recognize past events & hard work that went into supporting me & my family that helped raised awareness & funds to improve my health, independance & quality of life.

I would like to publicly thank my family for helping get the word out about my struggles and raising money for me so my health can improve. Especially my mum who has used her limited energy (she suffers from a chronic physical illness herself) to help me with both day to day tasks and by approaching people for financial help.


I am particularly grateful to my family & my best friend whom I have known all my life, who remember who I was but also accept me as I am now :)

The reason I have been able to get my new wheelchair now (March 2018) is because of The League of Friends of Brampton Community Hospital. 

They generously donated the extra £11,000 I needed to reach my target of £15,000 so I could buy a suitable wheelchair, to enable me to leave my bed & my house.


Although my family & others (see below) have managed to raise money which I am very grateful for, without this large donation I would have had to wait many years more before raising enough money to be able to afford the wheelchair I desperately needed.


I called my Go Fund Me account "wheels of freedom" & although I have only had my new wheelchair just over a week I have already been freed from being a prisoner in my own bed.


I want to thank everyone who has donated raised funds, shared & taken an interest in my journey to gaining my much needed wheelchair.  Although The League of Friends of Brampton Community Hospital deserves an extra special huge THANK YOU!

My Step-sister has done a Bungee Jump for Me. She bravely jumped on the 19th May 2019.  I can't say how grateful I am to her.

Katie & I have known each others all our life, we met in a parent & baby group! We (along with out siblings Emily & James) spent many days out together. Here is a photo of me & Katie playing in a park, as you can see, considering we are the same age, I have always been tall!

Batman came to my house!

I love Superheroes so it was a great character to turn up! Batman helped gain attention & donations for my new wheelchair, as well as making me smile :)

To see other people Batman & the Cumbria Superheroes help click the following button to see their Facebook page:

Dale chose to run the Gelt Gladiatior assault course & raise money for my new wheelchair...Taking it a step further he chose to wear an inflatable T-Rex suit! Here are several photos of him completing & his friends helping him complete the course.

I hardly know Dale, he used to work at the opticians my family & I attended, yet he chose to help me & actively took charge of raising money for me. I am incredibly grateful.

My mum started a prayer chain for me & lots of people got involved from all religions & others sending positive thoughts.

Here I am with a cool vicar who likes geeky things like Dr Who like I do.

This Vicars mum used to attend the same church as me, two people who are lovely examples                                                      of accepting, loving, kind Christians.

  • A big "Thank you" to Maddy Prior for her donation to Sammy's fund, and for helping to try to spread the word about Sammy by putting up links on her FB page and Twitter account! :) http://www.maddyprior.co.uk/
  • Sammy's Mum says - We would like to thank the six churches, clergy and congregation of Alston Moor Parish for their support, prayers and, above all, the generous donation to Sammy's Fund. It has gladdened our hearts that there are lovely people like you out there!
  • A big "Thank you!" to Gail Westmorland, who breeds beautiful Bulldogs, she brought four six-week old puppies over today so that Sammy could give them a cuddle.  I haven't seen Sammy smile so much for years!
  • Thank you to some family friends who made donations, and a relative of my Dad's who made a very generous donation - it's kept my spirits up to get donations even when my Mum and Dad haven't had time to actively fund-raise recently due to many things happening here.  Thank you!!!!
  • A massive Thank You to Marc at http://www.carlisleplastering.co.uk/ for offering to skim my new room, donating both labour and plaster for free to my fun
  • Individuals who donated to me on my previouse site (which I no longer use as they took a percentage of the money you donated.)
  • People who have given me cash/cheques, (mostly to me, or my family, in person)it is appreciated.
  • Travis Perkins Carlisle- for the kind donation of a disabled toilet.
  • People on Tumblr who have donated and helped raised awareness- many small amouts accumilate.
  • Individulas who have been exceptionally generous in their amount they have donated- I am suprised and touched by your kindness.
  • Nice people who my dad has done work for, some ask after me and some have even kindly donated to me :)
  • My Dads Auntie who kindly collected & posted a prescription for me which isn't available up here on the NHS.
  • B&Q in Carlisle for the donation of a drill which I will be selling and keeping the profits.
  • Claire Stevenson who ran the great north run & kindly gave the proceeds to me.
  • Geoff Brown helps children and young people in Cumbria and the south of Scotland, and he is helping me. He has given me a £500 cheque to go in my health fund. He is a lovely man who as well as helping me has helped many others. If you want to know more, or help the chairity with a fund raising event visit: http://www.geoffbrowncharitabletrust.org.uk/

Anyone who has donated money to me, from the nice lady in my local post office, the London cab driver who let me have my fare for free, to the guy who was showing my wheelchair accessible vehicles who gave me his spare change (literally he emptied his pocket!)